Why You Should Pop Some Tags: Benefits of Thrift Shopping

Three short years ago Macklemore released the catchy song “Thrift Shop” which jump-

started the second hand clothing trend. However, thrift shopping is nothing new. Thrift stores

like the Goodwill and Salvation Army have been around for decades, even before the hipsters

knew about them. For young people, thrift shopping can benefit both you and your environment.


Thrift shopping is easy on your wallet, which is great when you are a financially

struggling college student living off of ramen and cups of easy mac. In thrift stores items rarely

cost more than 20 dollars. In my experience, I have not purchased anything over ten dollars.

Fashion trends rotate throughout decades so something that went out of style in 1985 might be

back in style right now. You can find vintage items for a fraction of large retailers’ prices (I’m

looking at you Urban Outfitters and American Apparel). There is also no guilt in altering clothes

you buy-rip those jeans up, they were only six dollars.


Thrift stores are also not exclusively clothing stores. Many thrift stores also provide a

selection of furniture, glassware, and decorations. When purchasing decorations or flatware for

an apartment or on campus residence area it is best to spend less. Plus, thrift stores are a gold

mine for unique decorative pieces ranging from old knick knacks to literal works of art.

Items in thrift stores tend to be more unique than items sold in large retail stores. The

beauty of thrift stores is their individuality-no two are exactly the same. Each store’s options are

unique in style and size, which helps people who may not fit into conventional store sizes find

items that fit them. When you need an ugly sweater for that ugly sweater soiree look no further

than your local thrift store. I recommend looking in all sections-men’s, women’s, and children’s-

to find exactly what you want.


Buying from and donating to thrift stores is a form of recycling and can reduce waste.

Lots of local thrift stores accept donations of old, wearable clothes. Some will even offer to buy

the items from you. By purchasing second hand items, you contribute to the recycling process. In

conjunction, if you donate to thrift stores you are recycling clothes and providing clothes to those

in need who may not be able to afford clothes or houseware otherwise.


My personal favorite thrift store is Savers which is a large chain that donates to nonprofit

organizations who provide second hand items. In the Poughkeepsie area surrounding Marist,

there are a plethora of thrift stores to frequent: Second Hand Rose, The Salvation Army, and

Arnold Bakers Thrift Shop to name a few.

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  1. So true and wonderful . Thrifting lends itself to uniqueness .

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