Internships are highly sought after commodities among Marist students each year and can be a source of great motivation to work hard and gain experience for future employment.

Junior communication major Adriana Belmonte is no stranger to this process of finding internships, interviewing and working hard. She currently holds three different internship positions at the Staatsburgh State Historic Site, Hudson Valley Magazine and Diversity Works Magazine.

At Staatsburgh, Belmonte works on public relations projects, including writing press releases, creating brochures and other programs and contacting potential sponsors of the historic site. Compared to other New York state parks and historic sites, Staatsburgh has a very small full-time staff, meaning the help that interns provide is invaluable to keeping the park and historic site up and running.

“The people there are so nice and easy to work with,” Belmonte says. “They really appreciate the work that I contribute.”

Hudson Valley Magazine is “an award-winning regional publication whose mission is to produce a high quality magazine that informs, entertains, and investigates life in the vibrant community it serves.” Here, Belmonte is an editorial intern and does “a lot of proofreading and fact-checking articles.” For Belmonte, this is a dream come true.

“I love it. This is definitely the type of internship that I’ve been looking for because editing is something that I’ve always excelled at.”

Not only has Belmonte engaged with the Hudson Valley region, but she is also an intern for an important publication within the gates of Marist College. Diversity Works Magazine is Marist’s source for articles that highlight affirmative action and diversity across campus. As an intern, Belmonte writes three articles for Diversity Works each semester.

At a time when Marist students are calling for reform to the College’s current policy of requiring 60 credits in order for an internship to qualify for credit, working three internships is ambitious. Belmonte is quick to recommend applying for internships, but also acknowledges the need for change.

“If you’re a freshman and have the experience, you should be able to get your dream internship if you have the opportunity…it keeps younger students from gaining valuable experience.”

This experience has proven to be worthwhile for Belmonte, who is working toward a degree that is almost as complex as her current internship situation. Her major is communication with a dual concentration in journalism and sports communication, with two minors in global studies and English literature. Belmonte is a firm believer that internships are the best way to prepare for a future career inone’s chosen field.

“I definitely feel prepared for after graduation because with each internship, I grow more and more confident with my journalistic/communication abilities,” Belmonte says.

As with any professional undertaking, there can be stress that accompanies internships, especially when working three at once. Belmonte suffered a concussion earlier this week and therefore cannot work at 100 percent efficiency. However, she says that even this is not standing in her way.

“Luckily, all of my internship supervisors have been so accommodating since I’ve been so reliable for them all semester.”

One drawback of working this many internships is a lack of free time, though Belmonte says she would not have it any other way.

“The benefit of having three different internships is that I am becoming an absolute pro at time management. I think I know how to balance out my time better than most people. It always keeps me really busy and productive, which I like because me not being busy doesn’t really bode well with me,” Belmonte says.

To younger students looking for internships, Belmonte stresses the importance of perseverance and hard work.

“You often have to start out small to gain experience for the internship that you want. I worked very hard to get to where I am and it’s important for others to know that hard work does not go unnoticed.”

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