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Obama’s commentary starts at 1:30. Video courtesy of CBS News.

San Bernardino

  • In San Bernardino 14 people lost their lives and 17 more were injured in yet another mass shooting on Wednesday. Tashfeen Malikand Syed Rizwan Farook, a married couple, opened fire at a social services center for the disabled. The couple died in a shootout with police. This is the most deadly shooting to happen to this country since Newtown in 2012.
  • Obama called it an “act of terror” and expanded, saying “It is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror, and if so, it would underscore a threat we’ve been focused on for years — the danger of people succumbing to violent extremist ideologies.”
  • The President will speak to the nation on the subject of the fight against terror in America on Sunday night during a primetime address from the Oval Office. Oval Office addresses have been a rarity in the Obama administration. The last time Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office was on August 31st, 2010, to speak on the topic of the end of US combat operations in Iraq.


  • The United Nations Paris Climate Change Conference in Paris, also referred to as COP21 (21st Conference of Parties) began this week, with leaders from around the world convening to address a large threat to humanity, global warming.
  • There is reason to be optimistic about this conference, as opposed to past attempts to limit carbon emissions such as the Kyoto Protocol in the 90s. The three main carbon emitters in the world, China, the U.S., and the European Union have pledged to significantly decrease emissions in the next 10 to 15 years.
  • Obama’s proactive approach to climate change was not met with much help back in the United States. The Republican led congress, in order to show that President Obama did not have control of his own government, voted to block the President’s plans set forth at the conference in Paris. These measures set forth by congress would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from implementing a plan to curb greenhouse gas and reduce CO2 emissions, as Obama pushed for at the climate change conference.


  • Coldplay was announced as the 2016 Super bowl halftime show the day before the release of their latest album “A Head Full of Dreams.” The only question is, will we get a cameo from the left shark again?
  • Check out Coldplay’s latest single here.
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