The 2016 primaries are underway, and candidates from both parties have been running intense campaigns in order to secure their party’s nomination.

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the only two contenders for the Democrats, the Republican race has been far more competitive and entertaining to follow, with Donald Trump leading the race by a sizable margin. Trump has received endorsements from Alaskan governor Sarah Palin and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, and his fellow Republican candidates have launched a full fledged attack on Trump’s policies in an attempt to knock him out of his front runner position. I’ve talked to people about the race and about who they plan on voting for come November, and responses have been completely different across the board. Some people love Trump and his brutal honesty, while others cannot fathom the idea of him being our Commander in Chief. Others like some of Bernie’s ideas, but are still leaning towards Hillary. Some think Rubio is a respectable candidate as well, and some people just have no idea.

Personally, I have no idea who I think the best candidate is. If I had to walk into a voting booth right now and place my vote, I think I would go with Bernie Sanders. I agree with his push for free education at all public institutions, as well as his policies on gun control and taxes. He has been called the candidate for the Millennials, and it is no secret why. He presents himself as a down to Earth, relatable man who, like many Americans today, is skeptical of big businesses and the people who run them. His forward thinking and his aggressive plan to put an end to corruption among big businesses and on Capitol Hill have captured the attention of the nation’s young adults. Many voters criticize his socialist views, but I could look past that if it means creating a better future for the U.S.

This is not to say that the other candidates have not made some convincing arguments as well. I agree with Hillary’s views on foreign affairs, along with some of Rubio’s views on immigration. Even the mighty Donald Trump has had some ideas that I could get behind regarding our nation’s economy (even though I think his foreign policies are completely out of line, and the idea of Donald Trump running our country is still surreal to me). The truth is, the United States is an incredibly diverse place, and it is no easy task to find one person capable of satisfying the needs and wants of over 300 million people. No matter who wins, there will always be those who complain and speak out against the president. It’s just the nature of the job, and it has been that way since Washington’s term in office. The key is to find the candidate who will tackle the nation’s toughest issues in a way that will benefit the greater good.

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