Here at Marist College, you will find that each professor is different when it comes to his or her midterm/final setup. Some professors like to have you in class and remain in class for the entire period of time. Other professors prefer to just post the exam online and have you take it at a certain time in the location of your choice. Which do you prefer? Every student is different, and if you ran a poll of all Marist students, you would probably get a close result. If you ask me, I prefer midterms and finals taken online.

Taking a test online is extremely convenient. There are certain exams that are “open” for you to take at any time by a certain date, and then there are exams that require you to do at a certain time. One of the biggest benefits of taking an exam online is that you get to take the exam wherever you please. Many students, including myself, dislike being in a classroom to take an exam. I can’t exactly explain why, but I am not as loose and confident in taking the exam when I am in a classroom with twenty-five other students and a professor. I prefer to take the test in my dorm room because I can talk, I can move around, I can play a little music in the background, I can sit on my bed, I can make myself a snack, I can take the exam in my underwear; I can basically do whatever I want as long as I hit the submit button before time runs out.

Another reason why I prefer my exams online is because I always know how much time I have left to take the exam. I do not have to try and take a sneak peak at my phone to get the time, I do not have to raise my hand and ask the professor, I can just look at the top left part of my computer screen where I can find the countdown of exactly how much time I have left, down to the second, to finish.

Taking an exam online gives you the Internet at your fingertips, so chances are that if you are taking an online exam, you are allowed to be browsing the Internet. I do not know of any professors that would take your word for it that you are not using the Internet to look up answers while taking the exam. So I do not want to say cheating is a benefit of taking online exams, but resources are a lot more handy and easy to access.

The only reason why I would say I prefer to take a hand written test in class is because of the fear of something happening to my computer while I am taking the exam. For example, the Wi-Fi crashes, my computer shuts down unexpectedly, freezes, or dies, or I hit the submit button by accident. Fortunately for me, none of these things have ever happened to me while taking an exam online, and hopefully I can keep it that way.

So should it ever get to the point where exams are strictly taken online? No. I think there is enough of a balance between professors who make you go to class to take the exam, and professors who have you take the exam online. This means that students who prefer one way over the other get a chance to do both. That works out because like I mentioned before, if you were to do a poll of all Marist students about their preference, it would be a very close result.

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