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This Week in News is a quick hitting weekly summary of relevant news stories locally, nationally, and internationally that have happened in the past week. Providing a brief recap on major events of the past week, there will be links to stories and/or videos to keep you up to date and informed.


Local News

Dutchess County Expected to Generate Thousands of Jobs with Several Major Projects Announced

With several major companies coming to Dutchess county, over $500 million dollars of projects are underway and $2.7 billion in projects have been announced, in a local economic boom that should create 4,000 jobs in the Dutchess County area.


Poughkeepsie Hires City Administrator

Mayor Rob Rolison appointed Deborah McDonnell, the former city administrator in Fairborn, Ohio, to serve the city. McDonnell was reportedly hired because of her experience with aiding cities with struggling economies. Fairborn has a similar population size and median income to Poughkeepsie.


National News

Obama Creates World’s Largest Marine Protected Area

Jumping into full blown legacy mode, President Obama went to Midway Atoll, a remote strip of land within the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument to expand the monument and create largest protected area for marine life on the planet. This is the President’s first use of executive order directly related toward conservation and climate change, highlighting the President’s commitment towards addressing the climate change issue in his second term. The act by the President “will protect over 548 million acres of federal land and water, more than twice the number set-aside by those before him”.


Tropical Storm Hermine Threatens the East Coast

Post-tropical storm Hermine hit the eastern seaboard on Sunday Morning, as flooding was reported in at least six states. The The National Hurricane Center said of the storm that hit Florida as a category one, “is about 325 miles east-southeast of Ocean City, Md. — far at sea, but close enough to be pummeling coastal areas with heavy rains, riptides and storm surges of up to five feet.” The Governors of Atlantic states like Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia have all declared states of emergencies in some parts of their states, and Governor Cuomo has said the National Guard is on alert.


International News

Pope Francis Names Mother Teresa a Saint

The Pope called Mother Teresa a “dispenser of divine mercy” in a service that was attended by an estimated 120,000 people earlier today. She was a nun and Nobel peace laureate who worked in the slums of India throughout her life. The service included free lunch for 1,500 homeless in Mother Teresa’s name.

In order to become a saint in the eyes of the Catholic Church, it is required that the clergymember must perform two confirmed miracles during their lifetime. Mother Teresa is said to have cured an Indian woman with stomach cancer in 1998, and healed a Brazilian man with a brain infection in 2008.


President Obama Meets with Turkish President at G20 Summit

POTUS reassured Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the United States is still completely willing to cooperate with Turkish officials in order to determine how those who plotted the failed Coup to overthrow him took place in July. Turkey is a critical ally to the United States in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, so it’s in the best interests of the United States to stand by President Tayyip. President Obama’s diplomacy trip got off to a rocky start when the President was not treated to a red carpet welcome by the Chinese, as the other leaders attending the summit were.


ISIS Will Lose All Access to Turkish-Syrian Border Within the Coming Hours

Turkish state-run news organization Anadolu Agency are reporting Sunday that Turkish and Syrian rebel forces have kicked the Islamic State from their last territory along the border, essentially cutting off all ties to the outside world for the terrorist group. Syrian pro-government forces also captured areas lost last month on Sunday, as they were backed by airstrikes in a large offensive in the Northern City of Allepo.


Election 2016

Donald Trump Visits Mexico & Detroit

The Republican nominee for president announced a surprise visit to Mexico earlier this week, where he met with Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico. While there were conflicting reports coming out of the meeting as to whether or not the wall was discussed, the most important thing to come out of this trip may be Rudy Giuliani’s Make Mexico Great Again Also hat.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - AUGUST 31 : President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto (L) and US Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump attend a meeting at Los Pinos presidential residence, in Mexico City, Mexico on August 31, 2016. (Photo by Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – AUGUST 31 : President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto (L) and US Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump attend a meeting at Los Pinos presidential residence, in Mexico City, Mexico on August 31, 2016. (Photo by Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Mr. Trump also went to Detroit this week where he spoke to members of the Great Faith Ministries, a nondenominational church in Detroit. Trump reportedly spoke in a more mannered tone, speaking on a message of unity, in a speech that was received warmly inside the church. There was some controversy before the trip, when a “script” leaked to the New York Times, in which a word-for-word response was written for Mr. Trump to the 12 questions that Bishop Wayne T. Jackson was going to ask in an pre-planned Q&A with the GOP nominee.




Notes Released by the FBI in Relation to Hillary Clinton’s Email Report

The FBI released a summary of Mrs. Clinton’s interview on July 2nd 2016 on Friday. This report mostly repeats what FBI director James Comey told congress in July after he reccomended that charges should not be brought against Clinton for her use of a private email server. While Clinton’s camp is pleased by the release of the report, hoping for transparency points, both Donald Trump and RNC Chair Reince Priebus are outraged that what Clinton told the FBI conflicted what she told the American people in the months prior.


VP Candidates, Obama and Sanders Hit the Sunday Political Talk Show Circuit

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence both did interviews on Sunday morning while defending their candidates after a tumultuous week. Mike Pence went on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd to discuss Donald Trump’s immigration plan, and Kaine did an interview with Martha Raddatz on “This Week”. Former Democratic Presidential candidate and Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders said on Meet the Press while campaigning for Hillary Clinton that it “probably should be lower” when referring to the percent for third-party candidates to qualify for the debates. President Obama commented on the race yet again in an interview Sunday, telling Fareed Zakaria of CNN that Donald Trump’s immigration values are “completely rejected by the next generation of Americans”, and that he appeals to “folks who feel left out”


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