Marist’s Own Models in New York Fashion Week

Wednesday, Sept. 7, Kanye West held his Season 4 Fashion Show at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island—right outside Manhattan New York. But it wasn’t the show that grabbed our attention, it was our very own Marist Student who participated in the fashion week show.

Cassandra Pintro, sophomore, was cast as a model in the show Tuesday night while attending his concert at Madison Square Garden. Pintro said, “I was standing, talking to my cousin and a girl we just met. It was before the show started and it was packed but not crazy yet. A woman came over and discretely asked if I wanted to be apart of the fashion show that Kanye was having the next day. She couldn’t tell me any major details but took my email and before the show was over I got an e-mail. I wasn’t allowed to say anything, even the location until after the show was over.” I proceeded to ask Pintro how she felt about being approached. She replied, “I didn’t know how to feel at first, it was overwhelming. I didn’t even think that if I went to the casting call I would make it.”

After the concert, Pintro returned to campus, where she quickly grabbed her personal belongings, called a taxi, and hopped right back on a train to Manhattan. When she arrived, she said, “I was one of the first girls there out of 105. There was a description they gave the models on what they could and could not wear. I was still trying to prepare. I was standing there trying to peel off my nails at 6 in the morning! By 7 am we all went up stairs to sign contracts and prepare for hair and makeup. By the time that process was over we had breakfast and we waited to go into wardrobe. They separated us into groups by the numbers we were given at the beginning. I was the first group to go into the black wardrobe set and once dressed we were the first group to leave.”

After the preparations, the models boarded a bus headed for Roosevelt Island. “We had no idea where we were headed, no one told us anything” said Pintro. The show was schedualed to start at 3p.m but didn’t actually start until 4:30p.m. I asked Pintro what was going through her head when the show started, to which she responded, “It was mostly surreal I couldn’t believe where I was and what I was apart of. It was something that I always looked forward to talking to my friends about but for the first time I was a part of it.” Pintro went on to talk about how she felt about seeing icons of the fashion industry right before her eyes: “It was unbelievable seeing them walk one by one after another all these people that I google or watch documentaries on, they were all in front of me! They are people I want to be, it was just insane.” When asked what the fashion was like at New York Fashion Week show, Pintro clarified, “the fashion was all over the place you could definitely tell it was fashion week people were pulling out the stunts to look their best. Also people were trying to transition into the fall gear, you could tell. A lot of people were wearing coats, trurtlenecks etc.” For Pintro, this fashion show was her very first for New York Fashion Week, and she hopes there will be many more to come.

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  1. When one knows what they want and who they are, what a blessing.

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