Housing options for Marist students got even wider this year with the opening of Fox Run. The soon to be multi-building housing complex located on Fulton Street caught the attention of students last fall when construction began.

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On Aug. 1, Fox Run opened its doors to the first building, which houses over 200 residents. Apartment options came in studio style, two-person, and four-person apartments. Each apartment offers private bedrooms with full beds and spacious closets, private bathrooms for each resident, fully-furnished apartments, kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, wireless Internet, cable, a flat screen TV in the living room, and central heat & air conditioning, as well as a washer and dryer in each suite. Residents also have access to use the fitness center, outdoor BBQ grills, rooftop patio, as well as the community room which hosts a billiards table. To keep college students happy, the building also has an ATM and multiple vending machines which accept credit/debit cards.

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With monthly rent being $950, Fox Run is a slightly cheaper alternative than living on campus. Leases span from Aug. 1 to July 31, offering Marist College students the option to move in early for fall semester and stay later after breaks and graduation.
When asked about how this might affect the future of Marist students and on-campus housing, Director of Housing and Residential Life Sarah English said, “There will always be students who want to move off and those who want to stay on.” English went on to describe how the college has noticed students going into housing in small groups the past few years. The College has acted on this information by starting construction on a four building complex most commonly nicknamed “New Gartland”. The housing layout of Building A, B, C, and D resembles that of Fox Run and will appeal to the students who want to stay on campus all four years.


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So why were students originally so attracted to Fox Run? Joanna Puccio ’17 said, “I chose to live in Fox Run as a senior because I really liked the living arrangement. As a senior, having the own comfort of your own room and bathroom is so nice to. Living on campus, you’re not always guaranteed not only housing but also your own room, so this was a big option for me.”

Matthew Blades ’18 added, “I chose Fox Run because it was a little cheaper than living on campus but had more amenities than any on-campus house offered. Also, Fox Run was a new building looking for new residents and I viewed it as a way to secure nice housing for both my junior and senior year.”

While the big rooms and private bathrooms are a huge selling point, there are a few drawbacks. Elena Pelka ’17 told The Circle, “Since it’s a brand new building, there are small issues, but that’s expected. Moving into Fox Run was definitely a great choice, especially for senior year.”

Olivia Richardson ’17 also added, “If I could change something about Fox Run it would definitely be the whole ‘gated community’ aspect, along with the guest policies. It would also have been nice if they made a path that led to the parking lot behind Middle Fulton so walking to school would be a much more convenient reality.”

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