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Slice after slice, and pie after pie flew from the tables positioned in the breezeway as students sampled Campus Deli’s selection of pizzas this past Thursday. Hands grabbed plates and loaded slices of cheese, chicken bacon ranch, buffalo chicken and barbecue chicken pizza onto them, eager to take advantage of free food while providing us at the Circle, and Campus Deli with valuable student feedback.

The event began at 5pm and our stock of pizza, eight pies, needed replenishing by 5:15. Luckily, Campus Deli continually sent over pizza after pizza as necessary without hesitation. By 6pm, we had gone through three deliveries of multiple pizza pies and called it a day as surveys and supplies started running out.

Photograph by Marcella Micillo

Photograph by Marcella Micillo

According to our surveys, the chicken bacon ranch (CBR) slice was the most popular with 30 opinions recorded. The scale was a simple 5-point likert scale (similar to the ones students fill out for teacher evaluations) ranging from worst, to average, to best. The CBR’s average fell between “above average” and “best” with a 4.06. Buffalo chicken and barbecue chicken pizzas fell between those same categories, however with a 4.32 and 4.33, respectively. Cheese pizza was the third most popular slice (after CBR and buffalo chicken) with 22 opinions, however it’s rating was the lowest at 3.95, falling between “average” and “above average.”

Although these numbers sound super fancy, it was the “additional comments/suggestions” section that really evoked a smile. There was not a single negative comment. In fact, one student wrote, “Great pizza! Thank you! I’m ordering pizza from Campus Deli this Friday!” Aside from praise, there were only constructive criticisms such as “The CBR needs more ranch to be a 5” and “needs crispier crust.” Other comments included “not P-Ridge but still really good,” and “Campus Deli rocks!”

Photograph by Marcella Micillo

Photograph by Marcella Micillo

Campus Deli’s relationship with the Marist student body has grown within the past three and a half years with owners Stef and Sandy Sweirkosz creating a student-friendly environment just steps away from campus. All of the pizzas sampled on Thursday were donated by the owners who frequently make food and cash contributions to on-campus activities.

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