An Update From Buildings and Grounds

For returning students it is hard to ignore the absence of the little white houses near the North entrance of campus. Gartland Commons, former sophomore housing, was demolished shortly after the end of the Spring 2016 semester in order to make room for the next phase of housing construction.

Photograph by Nicholas Lange

Photograph by Nicholas Lange

The North End housing complex began construction during the 2015-2016 academic year, and building A is currently housing its first residents. Due to the residence area’s location, student have dubbed the complex “New Gartland.” According to Greg Cannon, Chief Public Affairs Officer at Marist College, an official name is still in the works:

Technically, it is the North Campus Housing Complex, but given the affinity many former residents of Gartland Commons had for the name, it’s understandable that the New Gartland name has taken hold with many. As for future names, our Office of College Advancement is working to secure philanthropic support for the college that would involve naming rights for individual buildings for qualifying donors.

The void left after the demolition of Gartland Commons is to be filled with the rest of the North End housing complex by the start of  the Fall 2017 semester, with building B already well under construction and due to house students by this coming Spring. Building B will house another dining hall as well as another athletic facility in addition to students.

Photograph by Nicholas Lange

Photograph by Nicholas Lange

When asked about future construction projects Cannon responded, “This is the largest housing development in the college’s history, so once it is completed, we will likely turn our attention to other types of projects for a while. There are no other housing projects in the works at this time.”

Beginning in Fall 2017, look forward to walking through Marist’s beautiful campus without the sound of construction.

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