During the morning of Halloween, residents of the North Campus Housing Complex were evacuated due to a carbon monoxide scare. Popularly known by students as “New Gartland,” the residence hall was threatened by a leak that reportedly started in the basement of the building.


“People were walking around campus in their pajamas,” says resident Cristina Lupo. “I migrated to Dyson for the bathroom and charging capabilities.”

Students living in Building A were left temporarily and unexpectedly displaced while Marist’s mechanical services and the local fire department arrived on-scene. The fire department responded to an alarm that sounded at 10:30 a.m., but students were not allowed access into the building again until 3 p.m.

Marist’s Office of Safety and Security explains that concern initiated when a sensor in the building read of high carbon monoxide levels. Once the leak was discovered, the fire department addressed the problem and students were able to return to their rooms.

As progress on the second resident hall continues, the students currently living in Building A had yet to be directly affected by construction–until this morning. If the intended schedule is followed, the second residence hall of North Campus should be open to students by January 2017.

“Everything has been cleared,” ensures the Safety and Security office. “The problem has been addressed and there is nothing for students to worry about.”


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