Monday Financial Update

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U.S. equity index futures are all positive this morning, but are mixed between a positive 3/10ths of a percent for the Nasdaq and six basis points for the Dow. Japanese futures are down this morning by only twelve basis points. Mergers have been in the headlines in the United States recently as corporate deals are gearing up. Telecom’s CenturyLink is poised to buy Level 3 Communications for about $25 billion. Level 3 runs one of the largest internet infrastructures in the world but has recently turned their focus to small and medium sized businesses to try to increase their core sales.

On Friday, the FBI says that they have found more emails that might be relevant to the Clinton email scandal. The FBI has reopened the investigation in response. It is not clear if the new investigation will yield different results, but polls have shown that Clinton carries a prominent lead over Donald Trump as well as both major third party candidates. Gary Johnson has been losing support as many of his supporters move to the trump campaign.

In Venezuela, the acting government and political opposition are sitting down for talks in the first time since 2014. The country’s economy is in free fall as inflation explodes. There are growing concerns about the socialist government’s jailing of political opponents and cancelling elections that were designed to remove the sitting leadership. This comes amid rolling blackouts and spiraling inflation.


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