November 6, 2016

Dear President Yellen,

On behalf of The Marist Circle, we congratulate you on becoming the fourth President of Marist College. In 1977, The Circle published an article entitled, “For The Record, It’s The Circle,” by then Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Dromm. In the story, the editorial board shared an interesting history of how the school’s newspaper was created during World War II under the name The Greystone Gazette. While the current board was clearly not part of such a consequential era, the optimism expressed in the piece about the future of Marist inspired us.

Each generation faces their own set of struggles, both exciting and demanding. However, with new beginnings, the chance to build up resilience to face the inevitable challenges ahead are born tenfold. Welcome to Marist, President Yellen. We cannot begin to comprehend the complexity of the challenges you will go on to face; however, we do know this: you have inherited perhaps one of the most historically important institutions in the Hudson Valley. We also know that the Marist College community both in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. as well as abroad, wills you to succeed. We believe that we should all be committed to making the future better. We welcome you with a confidence that you are the type of leader who will represent the interests of the entire institution with justice and integrity. You have the ability to shape the legacy of this great establishment. Your story has officially begun.

You have our support.

Best of luck,

Bernadette Hogan

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