Early last week, Sigma Sigma Sigma, otherwise known as Tri Sigma, one of Marist’s largest social sororities on campus was placed under interim suspension. Though details regarding why the group has been suspended are undisclosed, some members of the community are pointing a finger at hazing as a possibility. The Tri Sigma executive board refused to comment on these allegations.

Take from the Marist Tri-Sigma Facebook page

Take from the Marist Tri-Sigma Facebook page

The members of Tri Sigma participate in National Hazing Prevention month each year as a part of a widespread initiative to diminish the stigma associate with Greek life. This past September, many of the Tri Sigma girls changed their profile pictures to a picture with the phrase “women of character do not haze.”

President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Colleen Gaughran has made it clear that hazing should not be a part of greek life. “For me, Kappa is my home away form home and my comfort zone. I joined to be a part of a group of women who build each other up, not make each other feel unsafe or uncomfortable,” she says.

Daniel Hoover, Director of Student Conduct and Greek Affairs, was not available to speak with The Circle before Thanksgiving break, but made it clear that he would only be willing to, in the future, answer questions about Greek affairs in general, and not the specifics of Sigma’s current investigation.

Mr. Marist flyer posted on Facebook

Mr. Marist flyer posted on Facebook

At this time, all upcoming events associated with Sigma Sigma Sigma have been cancelled, including the much anticipated Mr. Marist competition that was scheduled for Nov. 30. No further information about the suspension and investigation has been released.

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Due to unprecedented reactions by student body and administration, the editorial team deemed the temporary take-down request in the best in interest of The Circle. For questions or inquiries contact writethecircle@gmail.com.

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