The Year of the Woman Crush

We are undoubtedly riding a feminist wave. The progressive girl power phenomenon is commonly associated with equality in the workplace or the expanded role of the woman into facets of life that are stereotypically believed to be male dominated. However, there is something else to pick your brain on, regarding this resurgence of female independence. And that is, whether we need a male counterpart at all!

Long are the days of  “Hopelessly devoted to you” and “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” There has been a very prominent movement of women empowering women. Forget about DM’ing that cute boy in your Psychology class. Women are increasingly reaching out to others on social media due to an inclination of a shared bond.

Women complimenting each other through Instagram comments.

Women complimenting each other through Instagram comments.

Whether it be they feel a connection through their posts or simply admire their aesthetic, we aren’t afraid to reach out to one another. This epidemic is resulting in the beginning of new friendships, the formation of new clubs and social groups through the stimulation of ideas and most importantly it is creating a special bond of support and confidence amongst one another!

So encourage and celebrate your fellow lady! Contribute to this newfound attentiveness to one another’s accomplishments, strengths and beauty. That beauty of which is internal, of course. You may just provide her with the motivation she needs to pursue the dream she has hesitance towards, develop the self-love she deserves or better yet, you may make your new best friend!

Our emanations are limitless, especially with the encouragement of one another!

An Instagram post promoting the concept.

An Instagram post promoting the concept.

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