Matt Marotti leaves the Cabaret tonight feeling just that—settled, as he has earned the title of Marist’s Student Body President for the 2017-18 academic year.

“I feel relieved,” said Marotti, with a smile disclosing both bright confidence and deep concern for the future of the student body and Marist’s Student Government Association (SGA).

Marotti, sophomore and current SGA Vice President of Club Affairs, was announced as the SBP elect on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. in the Cabaret Lounge.

Ed Oser, EVP, and Matt Marotti, SBP.

Ed Oser, EVP, and Matt Marotti, SBP, after their election victory tonight.

Faithful in his plans and confident in his ability to alter SGA’s current disoriented public image, the Marotti administration seeks to approach students directly to identify the sources of their concerns. “We really need to kick things off and directly interact with the students instead of waiting for people to come to us,” he said.

“We want to hit the ground running and really get things done for the students,” said Ed Oser, sophomore, Executive Vice President-Elect who ran alongside Marotti in their campaign. “We will have something tangible for the students to see.”

“Voter turnout was not good at all, especially when you compare it to last year’s numbers,” Marotti said, unable to disclose the analyzed numbers.

With the low voter turnout, Marotti reads an apparent disjunction between the student body and the student government, being directly related to last semester’s SGA suspension and the lack of information regarding it. “The biggest goal by the end of this semester is to bring back awareness to the organization,” he said.

“The turnout is very disappointing to us. It is pretty symbolic—especially in light of the suspension—of people being uninformed.”

“I think it was probably one of the most clean campaigns we have seen here,” said Eric Seltzer, junior SGA Speaker of the Senate. “I think it was essential, especially coming off the environment of hostility that has been around in SGA.”

Seltzer commented on the race as being “sometimes a little bit lackluster,” additionally expressing that he also would have liked to have seen a more contested race in the Senate.

Marotti assures that he and his team will work to turn the current image of SGA into one that successfully voices the student body, keeping students wholesomely informed and comfortable with utilizing the organization. “It’s going to be hard to spin around the negative image that currently exists—but it’s gonna get done. I want to get it done by the fall when the incoming students get here,” said Marotti.

Marotti remains grateful for his great support through the past week of preparing for the election. “I had a really strong campaign team that put a lot of effort into this.”

“We are definitely going to make effective communication between the executive and the legislative branches, I think that was lacking at points this year.”

“One of the top priorities is going to be ethics reform, and we are going to make a promise to the students that SGA is not going to be shut down again,” said Seltzer. “We are going to be passing a resolution hopefully on the first day, that we are going to hold members accountable to these standards to make sure that we are never at a deficit in working for the student body.”

Seltzer holds confidence in Marotti’s newfound role as Student Body President, assuring that he will act as a catalyst to reform and student body unification. “It is a promise that it is going to be a unified government with Matt.”

Current SBP Brandon Lee Heard said on the election, “Both candidates have been very successful in their positions and I would have been confident in either one of them. Despite the negative connotation, we have created a strong foundation for the next administration to develop a better administration and future.”

“I made a lot of promises in the debate room and in my speech—we have a game plan and I’m excited to get started,” Marotti said, confident in the fate of the upcoming academic year.

An SGA group shot.

An SGA group shot.

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  1. Sounds as if Marist and SGA have some awesome leadership… and our country a future leader. Congratulations… now make it happen.

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