Me Too Monologues Offer Marist Stories

The road to creating the cast of this year’s Marist College Club of Theatre Arts (MCCTA) production the “Me Too Monologues”certainly wasn’t an easy one.

On Sunday, Feb. 12, the audition date, Poughkeepsie received about 6 inches of snow in addition to the previous Thursday Feb. 9 snowstorm. For safety’s sake, Erin McCurley and Gabriela Morris, the show’s director and production manager respectively, decided on video auditions instead. The 20 lucky men and women were cast and their first rehearsal took place on Wednesday night, Feb. 15.

Seniors Matt McNamara and Casey Bryant study their scripts for Me Too

Seniors Matt McNamara and Casey Bryant study their scripts for Me Too

The cast got to know each other by going around the room, naming the song they are currently obsessed with, and then reenacting childhood memories through a game of charades. The evening closed with McCurley describing her concept for this year’s show and handing out the monologues to each individual.

It is especially essential that these monologues remain private, in order to protect the anonymity of the author. McCurley stated that she looks forward to emphasizing this aspect of the production, “This year, we want to hone in on the fact that when you see these Monologues performed, they could be from your best friend, your sister, your boyfriend…anyone.”

Senior cast member Samantha Monroe has not acted in a Marist production since her freshman year, but looks forward to having the opportunity to perform one last time in an important piece.

Senior Samantha Monroe

Senior Samantha Monroe

“Me Too is an amazing way to share your stories, often times the scariest stories we have to tell, without the worry of judgment from others. From seeing it last year, I loved how it made people think more about the people around them and how you never know what another person is going through or what their story is.”

Monroe continues, “I especially love how Erin is focusing on the anonymity…to really emphasize the fact that these stories could be about anyone, but that’s both the mystery and the best part of the experience!”

The Me Too Monologues runs from March 23-25 in the Murray Student Center. Hear Marist stories told by Marist students.


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