Campus Security Update: Weekend of 2/24

Friday, February 24, 9:50 p.m.

A group of students in Marian Hall got a late start to their Friday night pregame after being caught attempting to sneak alcohol into the building. This attempt was not the typical “square backpack” or alcohol-in-water bottles trick, but something a bit more creative. The students decided to evade security by throwing bottles of alcohol into a second floor window from outside the building. While their efforts were valiant, they were not successful. Better luck next time, freshmen!


Friday, February 24, 11:30-11:40 p.m.

Just a few hours after the Olympic alcohol-tossing event outside of Marian, Marist Security met a number of freshmen near Champagnat Hall with a similar agenda. An officer walking toward Champ from the Student Center found three separate groups of students toting alcohol with the intentions of entering the residence hall. Upon this discovery, security confiscated bottles of vodka and a bottle of Sutter Home wine from three students, as well as one unlucky student’s ticket into Union on a Saturday night.


Monday, February 27, 9:30 a.m.

Marist security was taken to the other side of campus when they responded to a call of a person driving eastbound on Fulton Street. The driver, attempting to make a turn, hit the curb with his car and subsequently overcorrected the turn. The driver ended up driving into the back of the warehouse building, located at 51 Fulton Street. One pane of glass was shattered, and the building’s concrete exterior was damaged. The car was badly damaged as well and was towed from the site.

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