Program for Middle and High Schoolers is Making a SPLASH

Program for Middle & High Schoolers is Making a SPLASH

By Madison Zoey Vettorino


On Saturday, April 1 st , Marist’s campus will be flooded with a group of youthful, unfamiliar faces when the college hosts middle and high school students for a day as they attend Marist Splash.


The program, which runs 8 am – 4 pm, is a one-day event in which middle schoolers and high schoolers visit and have the opportunity to take fun, unconventional, and interactive classes that are entirely volunteer-led by current Marist students, according to Samantha Leenas, the President of Marist Splash.


“Marist students can teach a class on (their) own, or with a partner,” Leenas says.  “Classes usually run about 50 minutes.”  Leenas believes that Splash is beneficial to young students because it “allows young students to start thinking about college, get acclimated to a campus environment, talk to real college students, and learn something in the process.”


Marist students are encouraged to get involved, as Splash is an opportunity for current Red Foxes to meet new people and spread their passion for a topic through teaching, while also adding some content to their resume. The program, which originally started at MIT, is chiefly hosted at Ivy League schools, including Yale, Stanford, and Columbia. “Hosting a Splash program really puts Marist on the map with other top-tier schools,” Leenas explains.


The program, started last year by Honors Business student Megan Callanan and a group of students, was attended by over 200 young people. The team putting Splash together this year is optimistic about the outcome of their efforts.  “This is an important program for the college itself, Marist students, andprospective students participating in Splash,” says Leenas.


Students who are interested in teaching a class or volunteering at the event can still get involved by emailing maristsplash@gmail.com.

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