Recor anchors Marist lacrosse and joins 200-point club

The Marist men’s lacrosse team stayed hot in their first home appearance this year, dismantling the Drexel Dragons with surgical precision and a final score of 11-7.

Slicing like a scalpel, the ferocious and accurate Marist attack duo of Gannon Morrison and JD Recor put up six goals, Morrison with four and Recor with two. Goalie Brian Corrigan plugged up any holes in the Marist defense with 15 saves on the day, allowing only seven goals. Marist was faced with freezing conditions for their first home game but seemed to not be bothered by the weather.

Head surgeon and coach Keegan Wilkinson had this to say about returning home after a long four-game away streak: “We have worked really hard in the last few years to build a great reputation on campus and this is a group of guys who are really dedicated to their craft and hardworking, so to see that repaid by having a great turnout on the first home game when it was freezing outside was really important to us.”

The team ignored the tough wind and hard turf and focused on the X, taking the majority of the face-offs by a margin of 12-20. Marist’s new record of 4-1 shines bright as the team continues to carry their momentum at home, but the true spotlight of the game shown on JD Recor as his record-setting game was the true highlight of their first home win this season.

Recor did his usual work on the turf with three assists and two goals, but the last assist he had with 47 seconds left in the fourth quarter brought him to the historic number of 116 career assists. 116 was the number he’s been gunning for his whole career, the highest number of career assists in the program’s history. “It was humbling, and I’m glad I got to do it here at home in front of my parents. It means a lot to me. I put…a lot of hard work into this sport and it means a lot to my coaches too; they push me to be who I am today and it means a lot to me and the coaches,” said Recor. With the previous record historically set in 1998 by Chris Pistello with 115, there is a new name on that leaderboard. As the all-time assists leader, Recor also joined the 200-point club, an elite group that places him with only five other athletes in program history.

Marist dropped Drexel down to a record of 0-4, and next is a hill Marist has never been able to overcome. Taking on the always tough UMBC this weekend, Marist is looking for their first victory ever against them.

Historically, they have never beaten UMBC, and through all the times they have played them the odds don’t look good, considering, as a program, they have been outscored by a margin of 76-12. Although UMBC looks to be tough, a sharp Marist team looks to face the challenge on Tenney’s turf this weekend with optimism. “This is a big game coming up against UMBC. It is actually a team that we have never defeated and we started the season against Colgate whom we have never defeated and we got a big win out there and then we just beat Drexel whom we have never defeated so this is something that is important to us,” said Wilkinson.

Leadership comes from the top down and the Marist players are certainly taking hints from Wilkinson regarding their attitude for this game. “We expect UMBC to be a tough team; they come from a good conference. They beat us last year in overtime and we definitely want to get our revenge on them and, playing at home at Tenney, we feel good about that as well,” said Recor.

UMBC (1-4) will arrive at Tenney this Saturday for a rumble with the Red Foxes at 1 p.m.

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