Campus Security Update: 3/2-3/9

Thursday, 3/2/17
According to Chief of Security John Blaisdell, “a couple buds” of marijuana were seized from a student living in Midrise- allegedly, officers were “checking up on” the student and seized the contraband in a joint effort.
Friday, 3/3/17
A security officer checked a student’s bag upon their entry into Midrise. Apparently, the student had attempted to sneak four Four Lokos into the building, adding up to sixteen total Lokos. Another checked bag yielded two bottles of smuggled vodka.
Another security officer hit the jackpot after opening a Champ student’s locked door for him after hours- upon opening the door, the guard observed “many items of alcohol,” including beer, margarita mix and vodka.
Saturday, 3/4/17
The effects of TV violence on campus are upsetting Marist officials. Purportedly, an unknown vandal punched and subsequently broke a television set in the Leo lounge at 1:30 am. Anyone with information regarding the mystery puncher is encouraged to contact security.
According to Blaisdell, three students were sitting on the campus green near Champ and smoking some green, too- an officer intercepted the rotation and confiscated their joint.
Two good Samaritans turned lost wallets in to the Security Office this week- little did they know that both wallets contained fake IDs and both students were disciplined.  
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