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For many students, Marist has always been known for building, renovating and reworking to make campus a better place overall. The Housing Department is one entity that strives to build, and in more ways than construction projects.

Starting this upcoming Fall 2017 semester, Housing will be introducing some changes in regards to on-campus residence options. These changes include no more students residing in the Residence Inn hotel, commuter students and those with leaves of absence being admitted back onto campus if they so choose, and the introduction of Special Interest floors in certain buildings. The alterations have been confirmed by Assistant Director of Housing John Cordella.

According to Cordella, Housing is planning not to house students in the Residence Inn Hotel this upcoming fall semester. “This year we have a minimal amount of students that are down there currently,” said Cordella. “Any students that are down there for this [Spring 2017] semester actually want to be at the hotel. [For] everyone that wanted to come up, we were able to get up at least at some point by the beginning of the spring semester.”

This termination of housing Marist students in the Residence Inn stems largely from the addition of buildings A and B and the anticipated openings of buildings C and D for the Fall 2017 semester.

“While students appreciate the hotel and they like some of the amenities that were there, obviously they want to be on the main campus,” said Cordella. “So, we really were trying to strive for what [students] wanted and you wanted more [on campus] housing.”

Aside from parting with the Residence Inn, Cordella also shared that students with leaves of absences and commuters will now be permitted to live on campus. According to Cordella, Housing has already reached out to students in these circumstances to offer them on-campus living options. Additionally, he shared that this year has been the first year in awhile that Housing has been able to meet all the requests of students who wish to return to campus living.

Cordella explained that this process of getting commuters and those with leaves of absence into on-campus residences will be accomplished through a request basis. “Obviously if tomorrow we [are met with], like, 200 [requests], will be able to meet them all? I don’t know. But anyone that’s requested up to this point we’ve been able to honor.”

In regards to Special Interest floors, there will be a new Honors Program wing as well as a Multicultural floor in New Gartland. The Honors wing will be located in Building A on the second floor and the Multicultural floor on the fourth floor of Building B. According to Cordella, this has been the biggest change in the Housing department thus far.

“I think it’s kind of a thing that a lot of students have been requesting, wanting sort of common-theme living, whatever that may be,” explains Cordella. “So these were two communities that we felt would be very good options to start with.”

Cordella also encourages Marist students to reach out and request ideas for additional Special Interest floors. “It’s something we’re going to look to eventually build upon,” he said. “I’m more excited to see what students really want to bring to these communities.”

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