An inside look at Spring Finals Week

Article by Jay Fuschillo

With summer just around the corner, sophomore Amanda Bagala is ecstatic to finish up her classes and head back home. With her internship in Connecticut starting in a couple of weeks, it’s understandable why she’s eager to get out of Poughkeepsie.

As she spends time reflecting on the past year, she recalls not being as eager to get home this time last semester.

“I mean, I was excited about school being over for a bit, who isn’t? It’s a month off! But there’s always a rush for summer to come; there’s always that push at the end of the spring semester.”

This “rush” or even “push” for the spring to end makes sense when you compare the time off between semesters; three months vs. one is a lot more time for things like work, family, and even catching up on sleep.

This opinion has been found amongst other students on campus. A survey was conducted and sent throughout Facebook to ask students themselves about this “rush” at the end of the semester.

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Research was done by Jay Fuschillo and Emily Pascale

This survey, although the pool of candidates was small, gives a staggering insight as to what students feel on the matter.

Further questioning found that this opinion was high among most of the senior class, those who have had more time to experience both semesters to the fullest.

“The craving to get out is almost tangible, and I hate the spring semester!” senior Skyler Van Valkenburgh details when asked about her experiences during finals during the spring. “Everyone’s already dying to get out anyway, so everyone procrastinates more, even some of the professors! I’ve had some who have fewer office hours during the spring, especially at the end of the year.”

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Research was done by Jay Fuschillo and Emily Pascale

This question gave an important insight: professors feel very similarly, desiring to get out fast just as much as their students.

Longtime loved Dr. Adam Zaretsky gave his two cents on the issue at hand.

“We’re all adults here, with the same wants, same desires to soak up the sun and not sit in a classroom for an hour and fifteen minutes, what with the weather finally starting to pick up. I imagine most of my colleagues feel the same [as] all of you; we all just wanna get done. I know for me, personally, I can recall some instances where I had less patience at the end of the spring simply because I wanted this all to be done and over with. And I know some of my students have suffered because of that; I’m sure other professors can attest to that. I think we all need to push a little better at the end; we’re all gonna be done anyway so we need to come out strong!”

With this survey and new information in mind, perhaps students and faculty will take differently to how they treat the end of the end of the semester.

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