The Four Year Plan’s Purpose

By: Caroline Fiske and Michelle DeMartino

The unknown helper in planning classes at Marist College has now become a piece of paper.

The Four Year Plan, an academic planning tool, is a spreadsheet that is given to each freshman by their advisor with the goal of determining the next four years of classes. The chart covers fall semester freshman year to spring semester senior year.

With decision day’s pass and the beginning of the fall semester approaching, freshmen can start planning their semesters. There are many additions that can cause difficulty in completing the Four Year Plan, however. Study abroad, internships, and Marist in Manhattan all can be hindrances to graduating on time. Fulfilling major and minor requirements, while giving students the opportunity to diversify their academic lives, can be difficult to manage.

So how does a student figure out the classes to take to graduate on time?

“It’s the student who makes it their own,” Center of Advising says.

With the different individual schedules and kinds of students that attend Marist College, including traditional, adult, full and part time, the Center of Advising is aware of the concerns. The Center of Advising states that interning multiple times and working can lead to adjusting. The Center of Advising encourages looking up backup courses.

Figuring out life in college is not an easy task to accomplish. Interests and passions change. All of these aspects can be easier to figure out with the Marist College Four Year Plan.

Below is the link to the academic programs at Marist College and the Four Year Plan. Start planning now!



Here’s an interview of Patricia Barniak-Atkinson, an adjunct instructor of communications and a communications adviser at Marist College, talking about the four year plan and Marist’s academics.


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