Marist Environmental Science Implements Greenhouse Project

260 pounds.

That is the annual production of oxygen that just one mature tree releases. Thanks to the Marist College Environmental Science Department under the supervision of Zofia Gagnon; the Poughkeepsie community will not only be planting many trees, but a variety of plants species at a developing greenhouse in the local area.

In collaboration with The Marist College Science Department, St. Martin De Porres a local elementary school will be utilizing federal grant money to implement a gardening program. The Marist Science community expressed their perception of the severity of the current environmental crisis as an opportunity to educate and engage the youth as environmental problem solvers.

Shannon Vallerie, lead coordinator of the project, emphasized that there is usually a strong detachment between the science and local communities. In an effort to mend this disconnect, the gardening program aims to help instill environmental ethics in children.  She further emphasized the vitality of addressing this crisis is to both the environment and to humankind.

Vallerie continued to express that this project served to educate and engage the youth; allowing the children to foster a sense of responsibility and connection to the environment.

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